Friday, January 21, 2011

The border between the US and Canada

Can you name the northern states that border the US and Canada.

Consulting my handy-dandy globe:

From West to East:
Washinton State
North Dakota
New York

Now, what Canadian provinces do they border?

Washington State, Idaho and a bit of Montana border British Columbia.

Montana also borders Alberta.

Montana also borders Saskatchewan, as does North Dakota.

North Dakota also borders Manitoba.

Minnesota borders a bit of Manitoba and a bit of Ontario.

Wisconsin doesn't border Ontario, although it does border some of the Great Lakes: Superior and Lake Michigan.

Michigan also borders these great lakes, as well Ontario.

New York borders a bit of Ontario and a bit of Quebec.

Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine also border Quebec.

Maine also borders New Brunswick.

Future posts will cover each state at a time. Take a look at your globe (you do have a globe, don't you???) or atlas to get an idea in your mind of the provinces and states.

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